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January 15, 2016 5:06 pm Published by Comments Off on Articles and Printouts
  • Tips for Parents – On talking to your teens about alcohol, and on how to help change the culture of alcohol within your family and community of parents
  • 10 Tips for Parents to Help their Children Avoid Teen Pregnancy – Parental strategies for how to handle communication and policies concerning your children and their sexuality
  • Teens, Sex and Alcohol – How alcohol combines with sex in teen party culture to increase risks, and how parents can make a difference
  • Teen and Sexual Risk Taking – What parents need to know to handle the potential of their teen making risky decisions about sexuality, and how parents can help to decrease that possibility
  • Relationship Redux: Tips and Scripts for Talking to Your Kids About Relationships – Ideas and scripts to help parents to talk to their teens about what it takes to recognize, develop, and maintain a healthy relationship
  • Talking with your Kids about Tough Issues – Good for parents of younger children as well, on how to develop ongoing conversations about tough issues including alcohol, drugs, sex and relationships, HIV/AIDS and violence
  • 10 Building Blocks and 10 Road Blocks to Effective Communication – Very helpful chart of communication strategies and how they affect the parent/child relationship (with examples)
  • Resources for Families on Parent-Child Communication about Sex – Provides a selected list of resources and materials to help parents begin talking with their children about sex