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And A Happy New Year!

December 30, 2016 4:39 pm Published by Comments Off on And A Happy New Year!

Mental Health Tips for a New Year!

  1. Take it easy with technology – It’s difficult to set down devices when we’re so surrounded by them but it’s important to unplug and experience the physical world. The overstimulation of the internet can dull our senses and shrink the pleasure centers in our brain – a recipe for depression.
  2. Leave the house – “Thanks to cognitive neuroscience, we know that physical health is a key component of mental health.  The mind and body is not just connected but deeply intertwined.  Our bodies immediately respond to the way we think, feel, and behave.”
  3. Write! – You’d be surprised at how therapeutic journaling is. It’s a good exercise for mental dexterity as well as an exceptional method for exploring your own feelings.
  4. Nurture relationships – Let the people in your life know you care. Good relationships are essential to good mental health.
  5. Love yourself – Obviously easier said than done, but understand that we are all fallible and “messing up” is part of what makes us human. Strive to succeed but forgive yourself when you fail. We can only fail forward anyway 😉

Keeping Your Resolutions?

We all do it. We romanticize a new, healthy, responsible version of ourselves for the new year and then throw it all out the window once reality sets in and the whole “New You” plan gets dull.

  1. Pick a specific but realistic goal – Vague goals like “lose weight” don’t have the urgency to move you into action like “lose 5 pounds by March 1st.”
  2. Pick one resolution – Don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s much easier to take one goal seriously than to juggle 5 and quit in exasperation.
  3. Don’t procrastinate! – This isn’t your 5th grade book report so don’t treat it as such! This is a healthy life change and you deserve to do a good job. Break down the necessary steps to achieve your goal and map it out for yourself.
  4. Don’t crumble after setbacks – You got this, homie. A brownie on Saturday night doesn’t erase the progress you’ve made so don’t drown your tears in a box of Betty Crocker afterward.
  5. Apply the buddy system – When your resolve weakens it is extremely helpful to have a friend with similar goals egging you on.


Photo: Flickr/Bayasaa