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Alcohol + energy drinks — information and resources

December 30, 2009 8:00 am Published by Comments Off on Alcohol + energy drinks — information and resources

A popular, and potentially dangerous, habit among young people is mixing alcohol with caffeine-laden energy drinks. From the Red-Bull-with-vodka cocktail commonly ordered at bars, to energy drinks that are available with alcohol already added, consumption of these stimulant/depressant combos can result in a variety of health risks.

Get the facts on these dangerous drinks and find out how you can more easily identify the products, risks — and potential solutions:

Caffeine and Alcohol Don’t Mix
VC Reporter, December 10, 2009

  • Straight Up contributed to this article that explores the facts — and dangers — of combining energy drinks and alcohol.

Report: Alcohol, Energy Drinks, and Youth: A Dangerous Mix
Marin Institute

  • This study reviews what data is available and takes an in-depth look at the alcohol industry’s marketing practices promoting the consumption of alcoholic energy drinks.

Energy Drink Resources
“Created with the purpose of sharing information about the ever growing energy drink industry and the impact it is having around the world.”

Produced by Straight Up youth volunteer Olivia Patrick, Joose’d is an overview of energy drinks that contain alcohol.

  • Watch on YouTube or get it through subscribing to Straight Up’s audio and video podcasts on iTunes. This video was released as a video podcast on December 30, 2009.