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Alcohol Awareness Month — Make Your Voice of Support Be Heard

April 2, 2010 5:35 pm Published by Comments Off on Alcohol Awareness Month — Make Your Voice of Support Be Heard

April marks Alcohol Awareness Month in the United States. Throughout this month, Straight Up will offer suggestions on how to take action, strengthen communication, work together to make change, and start creating a difference in your community!

Call to Action – Make Your Voice of Support Be Heard

Help reduce the deficit, create jobs and hold Big Alcohol responsible for alcohol-related harm in California by supporting Assembly Bill 1694 and Charge for Harm!

On Tuesday, April 6, 2010, the California Assembly Health Committee will vote one more time on AB 1694 (Beall, San Jose), a bill to collect a reasonable 5 cents per drink fee from Big Alcohol, to fund California’s Alcohol-Related Services Program.

Passage of AB 1694 will provide $700+ million annually to the State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. This new revenue will help ease the state’s deficit. The funds will also preserve existing treatment, prevention and recovery programs and create many new jobs in these areas to assure all California residents have access to critical alcohol-related harm mitigation services.

Californians need this because alcohol-related harm costs all of us $38.4 billion annually. Yet Big Alcohol pays virtually nothing to offset this harm.

This fee increase on Big Alcohol is long overdue.

Please let the new Chair of the Assembly Health Committee and five other key members know today that they need to vote YES on AB 1694. It’s a vote that 85% percent of their constituents support.

They also need to know that “taking another pass” on this bill is not an option. They need to address the billions of dollars in annual alcohol-related harm in our state, help reduce the deficit and create new life-enhancing jobs by voting YES on AB 1694. Tell them to Charge for Harm!

Fill out this brief form to make your voice heard.

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Thanks to Marin Institute for the heads-up on this important issue.