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A party takes on a mind of its own

February 5, 2009 5:34 pm Published by Comments Off on A party takes on a mind of its own

On January 5th, 2009, The Ventura County Star published a story about a 15 year-old girl who was shot in the face. According to the Oxnard Police Department, the incident happened a little after midnight that past Saturday in Oxnard when someone at the party began firing a shotgun. As the crowd ran away, the girl was shot. The story can be read here.

The online article features a comments section. There were a lot of comments blaming parents for not “taking care” of their teenagers, or not watching everything they do.

But, in many cases, teenagers go out to parties without their parents’ permission — they might sneak out while their parents are asleep, or simply get permission to “spend the night” with a friend or another family member.

Let’s look at things straight. When someone has a party and invites close friends only, these friends can start calling other people about the party and it can become a chain until there is a big mix of people. These people can include gang members, crew members, or simply people that don’t like each other, and that’s when we have a problem, like the incident in Oxnard.

I respect everyone’s opinion; all I want is to be clear and not blame parents 100% of the time. It’s just not fair. Things can get out of control for a variety of reasons.

Jorge Reyes is a 21 year old Oxnard College student.