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Insight to the teen brain

July 23, 2008 2:05 pm Published by Comments Off on Insight to the teen brain

Recently I was guided to an interesting and helpful website A Parent’s Guide to the Teen Brain, presented by The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Treatment Research Institute, and WGBH Educational Foundation. This site is fact and personal stories mixed together well using interactive pages and films. There are short films about brain development, teen behavior, how to talk to teens, and some great insights from teens and parents.

The major headings in the site — “Who is this kid?”, “Why do teens act this way?”, and “What can you do?” — answer many of the hard questions parents face in raising a teen. This is a great spot to help parents understand the developing brain. As a parent, I sometimes feel that the problems I am facing are unique. This site reminds me that all parents are facing the same issues — I am not alone.

From the A Parent’s Guide to the Teen Brain website at www.drugfree.org/teenbrain:

Through the use of video, interactive segments, scenario-based role-playing experiences, and practical advice from experts, A Parent’s Guide to the Teen Brain explores the science behind teenage brain development and how it shapes normal teenage attitude and behavior. Find tools and tips – all designed to help you connect with your teen. Gain insights into teen brain development and apply your new knowledge of normal teenage behavior to real life.

Jeanie Hays

Jeanie Hays is a Ventura County actor, parent, and Straight Up volunteer. She is a masters student at Claremont Graduate University where she studies Organizational Behavior and Evaluation.