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A new year, a new resolution

December 28, 2014 3:42 pm Published by Comments Off on A new year, a new resolution

Happy New Year!

As we approach 2015, it’s time to take stock and consider making positive change in our lives. Parents, youth, young adults, educators and students — it takes the entire community to bring attention to dangerous norms and behaviors, and discuss ways to make change.

Here are some resolutions to consider.

Drive without impairment

drive sober

“Each year on average, more than 10,000 people die on the road due to drunk driving. In order to stop this deadly epidemic, law enforcement in every state and most U.S. towns and cities will be cracking down on drunk driving from December 12th through January 1st. And they’ll see you before you see them.” Sobering words from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Check out their site to find out how to help stop drunk driving, to access statistics, and more.

And don’t forget, that it’s not all about drunk driving. Impairment due to drug use, including marijuana, can be just as dangerous. The Ad Council’s Buzzed Driving campaign offers up information and resources, social networking tools and a pledge to sign — so you can start your new year off safely.

Vow to communicate

Many teens we interact with let us know that communication with their parents is important — and often lacking. As a parent, it’s important to leave channels open and not to shy away from difficult situations, including talking about drugs, alcohol, sexual behavior and more. Our resources page for adults includes several links on how to begin and improve communication with your child.

For young people, check out these resources on how to find out more about communicating with adults, as information about drug and alcohol use, and how it can affect you.

Examine your behavior

Use of alcohol and drugs (including Rx drugs and marijuana) is an issue among adults and youth. There are some promising downtrends of alcohol use among youth, but any dangerous behavior should be examined. Ventura County Limits has extensive coverage and info about impaired driving, underage and binge drinking, prescription drug misuse and marijuana use. Some statistics are surprising — and may encourage you to think about your own patterns and behaviors.

Get help

If you have been struggling with substance abuse, depression, or another issue that is overwhelming you, there is help. Start off with looking at the list of local County resources. There is someone out there to help you.

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