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A message for my fellow teens

June 9, 2012 11:42 am Published by Comments Off on A message for my fellow teens

Bryan Adams High School Hallway

Dear Class of 2014,

We did it! (: On our first day of high school, we roamed the hallways, searched for our classes, and definitely got mocked by the upper classmen.

Throughout the year, we grew to understand what it takes to accomplish our freshman year. In class, we tested the teachers and authority; finding out how far we could lean.

In the halls, we closely watched others. How did they act and react to things?

In the commons, we could see where we “belonged”. Which border lines were we in?

As the “new kids”, we broke the odds.

Being the largest group of students in the high school, we have the ability to achieve anything. We can overcome anything, TOGETHER.

We’ve stuck by each other since Day 1. Yes, heads clash here and there, every now and then. But, what has or hasn’t been resolved doesn’t interfere. We see familiar faces everyday! We grow to need that comfort. Some new faces will unexpectedly show up, some will leave.

High school is just an experiment. It tests you. It pushes you to your FULL potential. It helps and understands you and your position. It challenges you. It’s ONLY THERE TO HELP YOU IN THE LONG RUN. It wants to know you. It wants you to know YOURSELF.

Why ruin the journey with alcohol?

“High school was the most exciting time of my life. It’s like going to hell and back. It really does make you stronger.”
– Full-time VC student

Haydence is a 2011 Ventura County freshman. You can find her blog here.